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Good Morning!

Here we are on Monday again. It doesn't matter what I do it just keeps coming back. So I will make the most of it. A new day to be amazing, right?!

I thought today I would introduce us. Tell you a little about who we are. My name is Sarah Wilkinson and my sister is Julie Anderson. We are sisters from birth. We grew up in beautiful Spokane Washington. Julie left when she went away to college on a basketball scholarship and later got married. They now have 3 strapping young boys or maybe I should say, men since they are not so young anymore. I stuck around Spokane and married my high school sweetheart. After being together for 25 years, he became ill and passed away therefore I decided to move to Utah to be closer to my family. 

We have both had our fair share of unfulfilling jobs so we have decided to start a business. BucketsofSunshine.com is our way of sharing that happiness with all of you!

We love to support other local businesses. You see those posts on facebook that state when you buy local or from a small business they do a happy dance! It is so true!! So to be able to support them is our pleasure. We went to the Heirloom sale this weekend. We wanted to share with you the fun we had. I will say we were both in love with this van, especially since the license plate was from Hawaii. 

So, Emily, our sister was taking the pics and we were being silly trying to figure out how to pose. We are not the posing type. Maybe we should take lessons. But as we were playing with all the ways people pose, Emily documented it. I am really not sure what happens to my face when I pose. Not funny! Okay kind of. It is one of those things where you look at it later and wonder what in the world happened there.


Probably not our finest moment but I thought it was so funny. It was a fun day out, we supported the local business so I call that a great day!


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