Colder Weather Accessories

The weather here on the west coast is turning fast. Although, I have stepped out a few times lately and the sun was shining so beautifully. It feels so nice to still have that warmth to enjoy. But I can't help but think about all the cold weather to come. 

If you asked Julie she would tell you how excited she is for the amazing snow to come. Utah does have the best snow on earth if you haven't heard. I will say that it should be on your bucket list. Skiing in Utah is quite amazing.

What are the cold-weather accessories that you love? I love a good scarf. I get so cold when I feel that chill on my neck. Especially for people with shorter hair, a scarf is a necessity. We have this super soft scarf on our site that is great for many occasions. Check it out here

You could wear it wrapped around your neck...


Or with a dress for a nicer occasion. Personally, when the weather gets colder I like to have the scarf ready to wrap around my neck and tuck inside my coat. There is really nothing better than being warm.

 I do love these. I love the print and how incredibly soft they are. There are so many ways to wrap them. I would also venture to say they could be used by men too if they got cold enough. Check them out! Tell us what you think.






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