Our decision to mask up.

There are so many different opinions these days about whether to wear a mask or not due to COVID-19. It can be hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. We have so many people of "authority" like doctors and nurses that also say conflicting things. Obviously political statements are all over the place. 

I have personally lost multiple distant relatives to the virus and I have seen friends lose loved ones. I know it is serious just as other illnesses are serious. Cancer is serious. I have not forgotten all the other ways to get sick. But I am careful to want to protect my loved ones and friends who are at risk. 

Is this all strange...yes. Do I know what to believe? Well, not yet. But I am willing to be careful for the time being. If that means wearing a mask, I am ok with that. I hope not to lose my business. I hope others are able to make it through these tough times with their businesses. We will do all we can to ensure our products are safe for you should you decide to order. We will take all the appropriate precautions on your behalf.

We made the decision as a business to sell some face masks for those who choose to wear one through this coronavirus. When we got them we liked the way they fit so much that we bought some for ourselves and our family members. They are comfortable, adjustable, anti-fog, fashionable, and dual-layered. We have a fit for adults and kids so they are fantastic!

Whatever your personal decision, we wish you a very safe week and hope you stay well! Be smart and protect those you love!

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