Small Business During Covid

This is a very interesting time we are living in. People are having to decide who to listen to when it comes to Covid-19. Discerning the different information is imperative. But how do you do that? It seems politics and media are all over the place when it comes to information. Even medical experts can't agree on what is best.

We are in a time when we need to make decisions for our selves and choose what is best for our own families. I have a family member with a heart problem and I have seen stores turn him away for not wearing his mask in the appropriate way they expected and others see his medical bracelet and invite him in with no mask at all. I think it is important to be cautious. Wash your hands and if you feel the need, wear a mask. Cover your face when you cough and sneeze. Be kind. We are all going through this uncertainty together.

Our decision as a small business is to do all we can to help with your decision if you want to wear a mask. We have tried to stock our inventory with masks for both children and adults. They are comfortable, adjustable, anti-fog, fashionable, and double-sided. You can check them out here.

Some of the masks we have for kids are as seen below.

We have more adult masks than kids masks but visit to see the inventory we have. Here are a few below.

We hope as a small business we can help you fulfill some peace of mind through these hard times. We are also doing all we can to keep our inventory clean and we are taking great caution in the packing process. We wish you the best during these times. Stay strong and be kind to your fellow beings.


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