Traveling? What to pack?

Good Morning All!

I hope you are getting finished with all your Christmas shopping and feeling a little less stressed. If not, I feel for you! Seriously!

If so, maybe you are starting to think about those travel plans and what to pack. I know I am. I am heading to the West Coast to visit family and I am so excited about it. But what to pack?

I have been reading many blogs to decide what I should pack and here is a list I have come up with...

Say you are going for a week.

2 pairs of pants, 1 nice pants, 5 interchangeable tops, 1 dress, 7 socks, 7 undies, 1 extra bra (of course this one is for the ladies), Bathroom supplies.

I like to go light in this area, toothbrush and paste, makeup, makeup remover, brush, hair ties, feminine products. For the men, any shaving products. Actually...this is a good one for the ladies too! Your man will appreciate it!! The real question is do I bring my hairdryer? I do. I also bring my hair straightener and curling iron. But if your awesome sister or mother will let you borrow theirs, which mine would, then you wouldn't need to bring this. But I like to house hop so I bring what I need. 

Shoes...well this is a hard one. It is winter travel so you probably need good shoes and good boots. Not the heels. I mean your good warm winter boots. Okay, you can throw in the heels too. Also if you are going to go skiing bring what you will need for that too. Make sure you have a warm coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

Sadly, now you have to try to fit it all in your suitcase. There are so many blogs that show how to fold things to make it all fit. For me rolling each item separately does an amazing job! 

Then every man that wants to be a gentleman and carry your bags can say "woh, what do you have in this bag?" That happens to me. :) But I do try to pack light. I used to go with only a backpack but now I have decided it is nicer to have what I want with me. I really enjoy my trips much better when I don't have to compromise.

I hope this is helpful!! Have a NICE trip. If you aren't traveling but rather receiving guests I hope you enjoy that too and make sure to share your hairdryer. :) 

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  • Julie Anderson

    Great advice. Thanks.

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